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How to find out who’s Googling You

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How to find out who’s Googling You

The amount of personal data available on the internet makes searching for someone easier than ever, have you ever wondered who may be searching for you? With 55 million online searches for people every month on Google, your curiosity is certainly justified!

From potential employers, clients, and even those who may wish to defame or dismantle your brand, finding out who is searching for you on Google is essential to the modern professional. In this article, we at RMG Digital will discuss some of the ways you can find out who may be looking for you online. As always, contact us if you would like to learn more about how to stay ahead of threats, and maximize your personal or business brand.

1. Create Google Alerts for Your Name

Unsurprisingly, Google is one of the best ways to monitor your Google searches. Although you cannot use Google to find out who is searching you, setting up Google Alerts ensures you are notified as soon as any content is published using your name as well as whenever Google has a new search entry containing your name. You will want to take note of the sorts of information published about you, which may reveal the source. Should you find anything defamatory or potentially harmful to you or your company’s reputation, RMG Digital is able to ensure rapid, effective measures are put in place to stop the damage before it starts.


2. Monitor Your Facebook

Facebook can be especially useful when trying to find out who is looking for you within your circle of friends. No one is certain how exactly this algorithm works, but if you view your profile, the first friends whose icons appear in your friends list are said to have the most interaction with your account. Should something suspicious appear in Google, it would be wise to take note of any unusual people popping up on your profiles friends list.


3. Optimize Your Website

Having your own website has a number of professional benefits, but the ability to monitor user traffic is possibly one of the most useful. Because of this, it is essential that your website has the most up-to-date content and appears high on Google Search Results. RMG Digital has innovative measures to boost your page so that your website appears as one of the first search results, allowing you to monitor your audience effectively.


4. Optimize your LinkedIn  

Much like a website, LinkedIn serves as an effective way of monitoring your search results when operating at its highest potential. Consider upgrading to LinkedIn Premium to see the exact identities of those searching for you, and let the RMG Digital team help you boost your profile to the top of your Google search results.


Although monitoring who is typing your name into Google is not an exact science, much of it boils down to controlling the pages your searchers may visit, and using the tools within those pages to further monitor who is visiting. Because of this, getting your desired information to most visible locations on Google’s search results is key in understanding your audience. RMG Digitals an industry leader in optimizing Google search results for our clients, we would love to help you stay on top of your personal or business brand!

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