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4 Steps to Writing an Impressive Professional Background Statement

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4 Steps to Writing an Impressive Professional Background Statement

It is no secret that business has become increasingly digitized. The wealth of data available to employers, customers, and prospective clientele makes it more important than ever to build a solid digital presence. Writing an effective professional background statement is a critical component of self-marketing; the ability to quantify your professional experience in a compelling, succinct, and enticing narrative sets you apart from the crowd and highlights your expertise.


At RMG Digital Solutions we love helping our clients optimize their reputations, and so in this article we have highlighted the 4 Steps to Writing an Impressive ProfessionalBackground Statement:

Step 1: Build an Outline

Build a basic outline of your professional self. This is a basic brainstorming activity, so try to focus on getting ideas on paper rather than organizing your thoughts, that part comes next! When building this outline, remember that you aren’t regurgitating your resume, instead highlight your skills, areas of expertise, and performance capabilities. Specific examples can be especially helpful, have you saved your company money? Won any awards? Feel free to include skills gained from unpaid experience, such as board affiliations, volunteer work, and academic contributions.

TIP: It can be helpful to contact previous colleagues if you’re having trouble coming up with specific things you may have excelled at in previous roles, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


Step 2: Pare it Down

By now you probably have a fairly extensive list of your best features, and while they may all be important to you, you must now narrow your list down to best appeal to your intended audience. If you are applying for a job, look into the position requirements and highlight the skills that would fulfill them. If you are looking to land a particular client, make sure your list aligns with their company values. Keep your list of skills and attributes as a master copy, and re-tailor your background as needed for future opportunities.

TIP: RMG Digital is a leader in optimizing search results for our clients ,if you have any questions on how to ensure your unique skillset attracts your intended audience, contact us!


Step 3: Craft Your Narrative

Once you have a finalized list of the concepts you would like to convey in your statement, it’s time to write. Although it can feel awkward and self-congratulatory to craft this sort of narrative, it’s your time to highlight what makes you unique, so don’t be afraid to use strong verbiage when describing yourself. Keep your statement succinct and remember to pare it down to no more than 1-2 paragraphs.

TIP: This statement is best when written in the first person, so be sure you are conveying a friendly and approachable professional. Be specific! The difference between “strong analytical skills” and “Ability to critically analyze company budgets in order to strategically plan for the fiscal year” can set you apart from the crowd and highlight your unique strengths.  Again, make sure this is tailored to your audience.  


Step 4: Deploy Your Statement

Once you are satisfied with your statement, it is ready to send to your intended audience!But don’t stop there, your professional statement has many uses.  You can use the information in your statement to target a wider network of people, allowing you to attract more opportunities. Consider using some of RMG Digital’s innovative marketing solutions to help build you personal brand today!

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