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Managing Your Online Reputation: Important Stats to be Aware of

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Managing Your Online Reputation: Important Stats to be Aware of

As you likely know, the things people say about you on the internet can have powerful impacts on your life, and a negative online reputation can be extremely damaging both for individuals as well as the brands and companies they represent. At RMG Digital we have seen incredibly damaging information about our clients, from legal scandals, relationship problems, financial difficulties, and more.

Although this information may (and often is) be completely false, the damaging effects it can have are massive, and so monitoring your reputation before it becomes a problem is key. RMG Digital differs from many of our competitors in that we work with clients not only once a negative event has occurred, but also well before, to ensure our clients have and maintain positive digital images.

Information about you is available in many places online, and the harmful effects it can have on your career can be devastating. With nearly half of all employers (47%) doing some sort of search for a prospective candidate, you will more than likely be searched by a prospective employer at some point in your career. Don’t let your dream job pass you by because of poor digital profile management!

When searching for a candidate, 58% of potential employers are looking to see if their online content supports their qualifications. 34% of them are looking to see what others may be posting about the candidate, and 50% are looking to see if that candidate has any content to begin with. Shockingly, 22% of employers are looking for a reason to not hire a candidate, which is all the more reason to be extremely cautious with your online profile.

There are certain types of content that can outright destroy your opportunity at getting hired somewhere, and the same can likely be said for potential clients or business associates should they find this information online. If an employer finds provocative or inappropriate media about a prospective employee, 40% said they would not hire them. 36% said the same about content with drinking or drug use (if you take nothing else out of this article, please do not be a part of the 34% of Americans who admit to posting on social media while high!). Should you lie about your qualifications, 27% of employers would not hire a candidate, and bad-mouthing a previous company or employee will lose you an opportunity 25% of the time. There are a myriad of other statistics to be mindful of with regards to hiring, but erring on the side of extreme caution is by far your best option.

Once hired, you will still need to be extremely mindful of the content posted about you online. 48%of employers continue to monitor their employees once hired, and 34% have admitted to finding content about an employee online that warranted punishment or even firing. In short, your online reputation can either help or hurt you professionally. The RMG Digital team is passionate about enhancing the online reputation of our clients, and works extremely hard to mitigate negative content. We always recommend preemptive measures are put in place to avoid bad content to begin with.

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