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Optimizing Your Online Presence Through Guest Posting

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Guest posting is an important tool to help improve your SEO. This is one of our many SEO optimization services at RMG Digital, and we have seen great results with our clients. Guest posting establishes the author in a position of authority and trust, and allows them to craft their own narrative while boosting their credibility. It is also an excellent tool to help suppress negative search results, which is another area of expertise for RMG Digital. Finding ways to be a guest poster can be challenging, but here are some tried and true methods to get started guest posting:

Use Your Personal Website

Odds are, if someone is viewing the content on your website, they more than likely already see you as a person of credibility in your field. You can use your website to advertise guest posting services, and list the areas of expertise you would be willing to write about. Few people take advantage of their website for this purpose, but you would be surprised at how effective it is!

Reach Out Directly

Social media is a powerful networking tool, don’t be afraid to reach out directly to any blogs that you may have expertise in. You can start within your immediate network, and ask friends and colleagues with websites if you can guest post for them. In this instance, it is better to directly message an individual rather than sending out a mass email looking for guest posting opportunities.

Tailor Your Searches

An often overlooked concept in building a brand is how people search for things. There area wealth of opportunities on the internet, but if you are not searching correctly you are not likely to come up with much! Be sure to keep your queries short, and stick to the your niche + guest posting search format. Putting parenthesis over a term ensures all search results will contain that term, it’s an easy way to tailor your searches further. You can also exclude terms you know you don’t want to be associated with your search with a minus symbol to further sift through results. Finally, searching for related websites can be effective in finding results similar to sites you like, simply type in into the search bar.

Use Guest Posting Communities

There are communities built for the sole purpose of connecting authors with guest posting opportunities, and can be a great way to find what you are looking for. Some of the most notable communities include MyBlog Guest and BlogSynergy. Both services are free, and can help you reach a new audience, earn links to your site, and network with others in your niche.  

RMG Digital Guest Posting Services

For many people, guest posting can be enormously time consuming, both in writing articles and finding opportunities to begin with. Many of our clients are busy executives who simply don’t have the bandwidth to do this. RMG Digital employs talented writers to scour the internet for opportunities, and post on your behalf. Our clients see great results with this service, reach out to us if you’d like to learn more!

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