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ORM/PR Solutions

ORM/PR is the process through which conventional PR solutions are combined with the long-term benefits of uninterrupted Online Reputation Management (ORM).

ORM/PR and traditional ORM differ in two ways. First: ORM campaigns generally do not begin until court decisions/crises etc. have been resolved. ORM/PR campaigns begin at any point, even pre-crisis. Second: traditional ORM campaigns seek to suppress (or hide) negative information with the singular intended goal to restore a client’s online profile to the way it was before damages occurred.

ORM/PR goes beyond restoration. Negative results are seen as an opportunity to not only clear undesirable content, but to simultaneously create the personal narrative the client desires for their online presence. ORM/PR is committed to ensuring that such presence remains stable and positive.

The ORM/PR process can be successfully adopted for many functions – from improving digital marketing campaign results, to fostering idea development, to creating personal and corporate brands – and more.