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Public Relations vs. Online Reputation Management

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Public Relations vs. Online Reputation Management

Public relations has been around long before the advent of the internet. However, now that millions of businesses and billions of customers are online, PR has become an important aspect of online reputation management.

You’re probably pondering the question, “Aren’t they the same thing?”

Yes – and no! ORM is a relatively new branch of marketing that has a lot in common with public relations. However, they’re two different concepts and processes that strive to achieve the same end goal – improving the company’s image.

So, let’s check out the differences between public relations vs. online reputation management and clear the confusion once and for all.

What Is Public Relations?

Public relations is the practice or process of managing a company’s or individual’s reputation by disseminating positive information about them on both offline and online media channels, including social media.

PR campaigns are designed to achieve a specific branding or marketing goal by employing a mix of activities, strategies, and tactics, including:

▪       Public perception assessment through research to determine strengths and weaknesses.

▪       Development of public communication policies and training.

▪       Development of goal-oriented, multi-channel promotional campaigns covering everything from media outreach to content development and ad spending.

▪       Rebranding strategy development to reshape public perception during a new product or service launch or a change in the company’s structure.

▪       Development and management of social media campaigns, promotions, press releases, and contests to improve loyalty, stakeholder buy-in, retention, and participation.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the practice or process of concealing negative information and enhancing a brand’s or individual’s online image. Many people refer to it as a more technical and quieter form of public relations. ORM campaigns are mainly designed to boost ranking on search engines and control social commentary using a mix of digital strategies, tactics, and activities, including:

▪       The removal of negative comments, reviews, and feedback using reputation enhancement SEO and marketing.

▪       Pre-campaign development research and risk analysis to anticipate audience reaction.

▪       The development or redevelopment of websites, social media/review sites accounts, YouTube channels, and blogs.

▪       Content creation to engage, address or satisfy irate customers and confused audiences (blogs, social media posts, private messages, white papers, etc.)

▪       Managing online review sites, including Amazon, Google Reviews, Yelp, Angie’s List, Manta, etc., by highlighting positive reviews and suppressing negative ones.

▪       Reaching out to social media influencers to change consumer sentiment and target new audiences.

▪       Monitoring, tracking, and enhancing the performance of all paid/unpaid digital channels.

Bottom Line

We have shared the key differences between public relations vs. online reputation management. Now that you know what makes these two subfunctions of marketing different, perhaps it’s time to rethink your branding strategy.

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