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The Most Common Online Reputation Management Tools Every Brand Should Know About

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The Most Common Online Reputation Management Tools Every Brand Should Know About

Online reputation management has become a crucial aspect of branding and digital marketing. While the internet has enabled users to voice their opinions, they’ve also put brands at risk of losing customers or traffic and tarnishing their online image due to negative reviews and bad social commentary.

As a result, many brands employ online reputation management tools and integrate them into their digital marketing strategies to monitor, repair, enhance, and maintain their digital credibility.

In this post, we’ll check out the most common ORM tools every brand should know about.

ORM Tools for Reputation Monitoring, SEO Analysis, and Content Creation

ORM mainly involves three essential functions – monitoring, search engine optimization, and content creation/management. Thus, ORM tools are mainly software solutions designed to improve these functions. Let’s explore each tool and popular options in the market:

1.   Reputation Monitoring

Reputation monitoring tools are software brands can use to monitor mentions online. These tools scan search engine results, third-party sites, and other digital sources to help companies keep their eyes and ears on conversations and notify them when their name pops up. Popular options include Google Alerts, Brands eye, Yext, etc.

However, a huge chunk of monitoring occurs on social media, where most audiences spend a significant portion of their time. Here, listening tools, such as Naymz, Trackur, Social Mention, and Hootsuite, come in to be your eyes and ears for mentions of your brand.

2.   SEO Analysis Tools

SEO tools, such as Moz, Alexa, and SEM Rush, are crucial for reputation enhancement. These tools provide data and alerts related to your website, which you can use to improve your ranking and traffic. From an ORM perspective, these tools are mainly used to suppress damaging information from top search results and replace them with positive content.

3.   Content Creation and Publishing Tools

Finally, the last crucial aspect of online reputation management is content creation and publishing. Here, tools, such as Google Trends, Buzzsumo, Grammarly, Meltwater, Canva, and Moz Keyword Explorer, help publishers take out the guesswork of topic research and create fully-optimized content.

Similarly, content publishing tools help brands find the best sites to push their content out via syndication. Popular options include Outbrain, Pico, Anchor, and Calameo. With these tools, you can find the best site according to your budget, target audience, network, and other relevant factors.

Bottom Line

We hope our post helped you get acquainted with the most common online reputation management tools currently used by industry players. To learn about more tools or outsource your reputation enhancement project to experts, opt for RMG Digital Solutions. We can help you employ the best ORM software solutions in the market and create a custom reputation monitoring and building strategy as per your specific needs.

We’ve helped hundreds of brands bury bad publicity and reshape public opinion online. So, feel free to get in touch with us and let us devise a tailored solution for you.

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