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Tips on how to have an outstanding LinkedIn profile

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Tips on how to have an outstanding LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is no doubt one of the most common self and business branding platform available. When used efficiently and effectively, you rLinkedIn profile can be a positive reference point for prospective employers, clients, and business associates alike.

In this article we will provide some clever tips that we’ve picked up over the years at RMG Digital so that you can have an outstanding LinkedIn profile, and maximize your digital image.

Get Your Profile to the First Page of Google

Ensuring your LinkedIn page is highly associated with your name is the first necessity in boosting your page. After all, if your page is not one of the first few results someone may find when searching for you, they may not end up seeing it at all. For many people with limited content published about them online, this is a non-issue, and your profile may automatically be one of the first Google Search results.  

However, if you’ve suffered from any negative press associated with your name/business, this may not be the case. If this applies to you, the RMG Digital team can help, we specialize in reputation repair and enhancement and often work with clients who need positive search results boosted to the first page of Google.

Perfect your Professional Background Statement

 In our last blog, the RMG Digital team discussed the importance of a solid professional statement, and some tips and tricks to crafting one. Your LinkedIn page is the perfect place to plug a shortened version of that statement in the highlight section of your profile, so be sure it is polished, concise, and up-to-date. This, along with your photo, are the very first things a visitor to your page sees, so choose your content wisely.


Add Skills and Get Endorsements

The skills and endorsements section of your LinkedIn page can provide a rapid summary of what makes you unique, and your areas of expertise. Highlight your top skills and reach out to colleagues to endorse you, furthering your credibility. Be sure the skills you choose are industry relevant, and check back frequently as you grow in your career to update them.

Highlight Your Job Experience

Many people end up with lackluster LinkedIn pages due to the content written in their job description sections. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a copy and pasted resume, but rathe ra highlight reel of what you took away from each work experience and the results you delivered to that company. Ditch the bullet points for this section and instead craft a short but compelling narrative for each company.


Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keywords

One of our passions at RMG Digital is finding the most creative, innovative ways to optimize search results for our clients. When searching for the appropriate SEO keywords, do some basic keyword research the same way you would if you were looking to find keywords for a business website. Think about your intended audience, and the types of skills and abilities they may be looking for and add these keywords into your profile accordingly.  

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