Innovations such as the CLICK TEAM, along with our SCHOLARSHIP MANAGEMENT solution, provides RMG Digital Solutions with the tools to deliver results above and beyond those available from traditional Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management agencies.   We look forward to delivering results like these to you in the very near future.

The Click Team


The CLICK TEAM is a group of approximately 5000 Real Humans around the United States who do real Google searches and then clickthroughs based upon the instructions provided by RMG Digital Solutions. This means if one of our clients asks us to have their company Google searched and then clicked 50 times per day over a 7-day span, we simply prepare instructions for our team to do this, and it gets done.

The CLICK TEAM provides RMG Digital Solutions with advantages not available to traditional Digital Marketing/Reputation Management agencies. The biggest impact can be seen in the high quality SEO results we are able to deliver. It improves our ability to get our clients websites ranked higher on the search engines, and enhances our ability to move negative information off the first page of Google faster.


Scholarship Management


At RMG Digital Solutions, we establish Academic Scholarships in the name of our individual and/or corporate clients.   The primary reason for this effort is to increase our ability to build  quality links of the highest level, and just as important to establish true online profiles that are both Charitable/Philanthropic, and viewable with a simple Google search.

The two key elements that we use to manage successful Scholarships for our clients are 1) To acquire URL’s from university .EDU websites.  EDU’s are notoriously hard to obtain, and considered amongst the highest quality links by all of the major search engines, and 2) Place our Academic Scholarships on university financial aid boards.

Through these actions, we seek to acquire a good amount of student applications in the name of our client.  In addition, we are able to create large amounts of natural/organic search traffic, in the name of our client, as students google their name en mass.

Generally speaking, a $1000 scholarship is large enough to draw the interest of students and financial aid offices alike.

Reputation Management


At RMG Digital Solutions, we develop solutions that both Fix, as well as Enhance the online reputation of our clients.   

For example, one of our campaigns addressed a targeted defamation attack against our client “Joe XYZ Smith”*.  Since “Joe” specialized in Restaurant Finance, we determined that the best way to beat back, and ultimately overcome this potentially career ending event, was to develop a philanthropic profile for him, and fast. 

This was accomplished in two steps.  First, We Wrote and Published a Book in his name about restaurant finance. Next, We then established a Culinary Scholarship, once again in his name, and placed it with universities across the United States.   

The visibility he received from the scholarship and book, along with the aggressive content/link building campaign we executed, not only erased the negatives that appeared whenever he was searched online, but also made clear what his friends and business associates already knew,  that he was a person of high integrity.  This was reinforced by the mentions of his scholarship and book which now appeared whenever the name “Joe XYZ Smith” was searched online.

(The name “Joe XYZ Smith”, along with internet results have been altered to protect our clients privacy. 

AutoSuggest ORM


When a search is performed, Google populates a list of phrases under the search bar as it is typed. These guesses are referred to as AutoSuggest phrase predictions. They are compiled based on the predicted phrase appearing elsewhere on the Internet and the popularity of this search between other users.

While AutoSuggest is very useful for a number of reasons, it can pose a problem when Google’s algorithms start to populate with false or defamatory information.

Therefore, an AutoSuggest term that is interesting (like “scam” or “arrested”) may not be the intended direction of a persons search query, but that same person may now want to click this suggestion out of curiosity. Google records each click, and over time, the AutoSuggest increases in popularity.

By utilizing the CLICK TEAM,  RMG is generally able to overwhelm negative AutoSuggests that appear, and replace them with new Positive ones.

The resulting changes often become permanent. Using the example to the right, we successfully converted “Joe Smith Arrested” into “Joe Smith Sales training”

AutoSuggest Marketing


The CLICK TEAM was first deployed to manage and alter negative AutoSuggests, a process we call AutoSuggest ORM.  We have begun using a similar process that delivers a powerful tool that can be integrated into the marketing budgets of businesses from many sectors, which we call AutoSuggest Marketing. Medical specialties can benefit from this unique process (i.e. dentists). The same for contractors (i.e. plumbers). To see if AutoSuggest Marketing is available in your city, as well as for the specific search term you are interested in, please give us a call.



Search Engine Optimization


Our SEO team is passionate about what they do. The links they build are only of the highest quality, and propel your website to ever improving organic rankings on Google and other major search engines.

Plus, by adding The CLICK TEAM into our client SEO campaigns provides us with a strategic advantage not even available to large agencies.

Through Keyword Research, On-site Optimization, Local Strategies, Premium Content, all backed up by In-depth reporting, you should expect nothing but Stellar results from the RMG Digital Solutions SEO team.